Vomiting on day 8 after Folfox?

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My ex had his first Folfox treatment 8 days ago.  Had mild nausea the first few days, was feeling better, and started vomiting a few hours ago.  His scan a few weeks ago was clean, but i'm always worried about mets, since he's stage 4.  Has anyone else experienced vomiting so late in the cycle?  Thanks to all of you for your help!


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    Nasty stuff

    I hated vomitting - always did, always will. 

    The only time I threw up during treatment, was when I missed taking my little anti-vomit pill; so, I am not going to be much of a help.  

    He definitely needs to keep hydrated, if he continutes to vomit, and then be sure to talk it out with the Doctor if it does conitnue. 


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    Call oncologist

    If he vomits ? again in the next few days, call oncologist Bc he can become dehydrated, he should probably go to infusion center for iv fluids ASAP !

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    He’s better today, I’m blaming the sausages

    Update, he's feeling better this morning.  He fried up some smoked sausages for lunch yesterday, and I think they were just too heavy and greasy for him.  Thank you for the replies, this site has already been a great comfort to me!

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    There are many different medications they can give you to lessen this.  If one doesn't work, make sure to call the doctor to try another one.  Hope it gets better.


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    Amend took care of my nausea when nothing else would. More than decade ago it was $80-100 a pill though.  I had nausea throughout treatment

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    Not being nauseou though changed everything...