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can there be a Board just for this type?  Melanoma has returned to my lungs and would like to find others.


thanks for your consideration




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    Thank you for your suggestion...

    Hello Long_Life_Lady,


    My name is Anne and I am one of the CSN moderators.  I'm sorry that we cannot add a new board specifically for melanoma at this time, but if you need help locating support organizations that are specifically for melanoma patients please contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345.  We have cancer information specialists at that number 24 hours a day who can assist you with that.




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    Thankfully I became clear 1/21/22. Thank you for offering.

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    Being a melanoma stage 2a cancer survivor myself, I have a question. First, I'm glad you became clear on your lung! Did you have melanoma in your lungs the first time or was it on your skin? I only ask because I've been told once it's on the skin (which was my situation), it can return & that's why it's so important I keep up my dermatologist appointments every 6 months.

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    Hi Skrich,

    I first had melanoma on top of my head. It had also spread to lymph nodes in the left side of my neck. That was 2017.

    In Oct. 2020 we saw through annual scans that it had returned in my lungs.

    Unfortunately cancer will always now be apart of my life now. But knowing I can live a "normal" life is alright with me.