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Hey all, it's been quite some time since I've been on here but I wanted to share some good news.  Almost 2 years out from my partial nephrectomy (January of 2019) and I am NED again on my most recent scans!  Was a little less anxious this go around too, which was great. I am still wiaitng to hear officially from doc but i think they will move me to annual appointments now (according to the PA).


I have had shoulder pain, which my doctor at SLOAN says can not be related to cancer but I've never had a bone scan or radiological scan on the shoulder. He has done cat scans of spine, pelvis, kidney, abdominal area, and pelvis.  Should I push more forcefully for a scan of my shoulder. It has gotten progressively worse over the last three years and was bothering me prior to them finding my kidney cancer.  I can't find a doctor who will take it seriously, they all think its related to getting older etc and recommend a cortisone shot.


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    Congrats on NED

    We always like good news.

    Shoulder Pain---Maybe an orthopaedist and an MRI would be the next step.  You could have torn any one of different muscles or tendons.  Your onc. doesn't think it's related to the kidney, so he's not going to do anything.  Start with your PC-Primary Care and get a referral to and Ortho.

    Good luck,


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    That's great!

    Happy for you! 

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    Great news!

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    Congrats, so happy for you! I

    Congrats, so happy for you! I agree that you should see an orthopedic doc. Hope you get some resolution.

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    Congrats on the NED! Keep it going! 

    As for the shoulder, agree with the advice above. I injured my shoulder this year, and like all things with my health, I wondered if it could be cancer-related. Orthopedist did an MRI of the shoulder and found nothing out-of-the-ordinary. They fixed me up with a cortisone shot (which was awesome) and physical therapy. 

    Good luck! 

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    What a wonderful term

    "N.E.D". I'm assuming you had pre-op. scans, correct?   If you did, they would have picked up most any other issue from your neck down.

    Take care!