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    zx10guy said:

    This should begin with

    This should begin with emphasizing proper hygienne which should have been common place in the first place.  The mass hysteria many are exhibiting is just crazy when the flu has been around for many many years with yearly mortality rates which didn't alarm anyone.  The mass rush with people hoarding supplies is just crazy along with the total shut down of daily activities.  It's been general consensus that 80% of people will be fine after exposure.

    Another nugget is that many of us have been already exposed to some variant of a corona virus.  The mortality rate has certainly not approached that of MERS which didn't cause such reaction as we're seeing here.

    I didn't notice the sign

    I didn't notice the sign going in.  I noticed leaving that at every corner where they have the handsanitizer stuff, theres a slot for the yellow masks and it was empty in all of them.  Then read the sign while leaving.  Ya, I don't pay attention to much, just ready to get it over with and get out of there. My mind says some crazy came in and stole all the masks in a panic or they are hoarding them.  But I don't think the yellow masks would be helpful against covid19.

    To add to hygeine common sense.  Several yrs ago my moms thyroid dr told her not to use hand sanitizer if washing hands the old fashioned way is an option.  Limit hand sanitizer use.  They have been seeing an increase in messed up thyroid levels and linked it to over use of hand sanitizer.  

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    zx10guy said:

    I may be in the minority here

    I may be in the minority here.  But all this COVID19 hysteria to me is all overblown.  Unless you're under active treatment or you have an underlying health issue, your general risk should not be any worse than a "normal" individual.


    Totally agree.  The media is a good one for striking up fear though.  Just use precautions like you normally would around large crowds.