HPV16+ OPSCC Chemoradiation effects at 6 months

My husband had Erbitux, Taxotere & 33 Proton Therapy Treatments at MD Anderson. His last treatment was August 30, 2019.  He is over five months out, still getting all meals through a PEG, and recently began hacking up mostly small blood clots that seem to originate in his very damaged throat. He still has a raw base of tongue and a very sore throat. The docs at MDA told him last month that his inflammation damage is that of someone 6-8 weeks post treatment.

Has anyone else experienced bleeding, or doughing up clots, during recovery period say 6 weeks to 5 months post treatment?

I appreciate any and all feedback. 




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    Hi.  I think you will benefit

    Hi.  I think you will benefit greatly by reposting this to a different section on CSN.  I think theres a "head and neck" forum...if that applies.  I hope you get helpful information soon.   Its possible I dont know what Im talking about, just wanted to try to help.