Drive home after surgery.

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I am having Prostate Surgery in about 6 weeks with Dr. Patel in Orlando. How many days should I wait before someone drives me home. About 3 hours.





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    When I had my prostate robotically removed I stayed overnight in the hospital and went home the next day early afternoon.  From what I was told a one night stay is pretty common.

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    I was held overnight for observation following my prostate surgery, as well.

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    24 hours

    I also got one night in the hospital following R.P. , was awakened the next morning at around7:00 AM, forced out of bed to start walking the hallway. Was in the car headed to the house by noon.


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    2 nights

    I had to stay 2 nights.  My surgery started later than scheduled.  I did not get out of recovery until 9:00 PM that night.  They would not release me until I had a bowel movement.  If the surgery was on time, I was scheduled to stay only 1 night.  Good luck on your journey.

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    I was kept in the hospital

    I was kept in the hospital for 1 night.. I wish it had been 2. I was very uncomfortable after surgery  and had the catheter. It might have been better if i were 75 pounds lighter but the 2 mile ride home was not a joy ride, However everybodys experience is different.

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    2 nights also

    I also stayed 2 nights but was late getting back to my room also. My surgeon informed me that I could ride home if I wanted but I needed to stop about every 45 min and walk to help with circulation and decrease the risk of blood clots. Good luck and hope everything goes well.

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    Rode hoome today, 2 days post surgery

    I made it. not fun,  but waiting would not have helped. Exhausted.







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    Good luck on your recovery,

    Good luck on your recovery, getting home was a big help to me, I could not sleep in the hospital due to the nurse checking on me. I found it easier to sleep on the living room sofa(lower to the ground) which pulled less on my catheter.  Next big thing is getting the catheter out, what a relief.  Keep active, I walked a lot doing laps inside of my house to get the blood a pumpin. Report back with your progress.

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    Hey Iceman,

    I’m glad you are home, much better than the hospital.  Just keep in mind that everyday you will feel a little better.  Soon, you will feel pretty good.  The most discomfort I felt after surgery were the cramps and gas pains.  Walking was the best antidote.  Hang in there.