permanent bone marrow suppression after chemo or radiotherapy

Hello All,


This is my first post so first of all I would like to tell that CNS forum provided me with a lot of useful support, so I am extremely happy that something like this exists and thank you all guys for sharing your stories, emotions, and experiences.


I am 40-year old non-Hodgkin lymploma survivor from Poland with almost 25 years of full remission. The July 2019 is an exact 25 anniversary of my diagnosis.  Everything is fine, I never had any severe  treatment related issues afterwards but there is only one thing that is unnerving.  Usually after the treatment my normal WBC level was about 4000 but for last five or six years it somehow dropped to the range of 3000-3700 and the recent blood test showed 2600.  I was used to the level above 3000 but really freaked out when it has dropped to the lower level. My hematologist told me that this is a result of the permanent bone marrow suppression after therapy and told me that there was no way that this is a second leukemia or MDS because either would appear fast and aggressive. During the next visit in the early fall I will ask for a bone marrow biopsy anyway. I am just scared and started digging for any info about such permanent bone marrow suppression and would like to ask if anyone of you have experienced a similar condition? Some medical sources mention that this could be a side effect of radiotherapy rather than chemo  but I was unable to find any specific data.