New Life Threatening Disease From Radiation

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Hi everyone. I am trying to find people who were treated for cancer with chemo and radiation and went into remission....then developed a new issue from that treatment. In my case, the radiation fried my bladder, and I had to have a radical cysectomy. This led to me having to have stents placed to keep the ueters open. Sadly, these stents are bacteria magnets, and I have CVID (immune system trouble) I constantly have UTIs and kidney infections. So many that now most antibiotics do not work, and all this has led to stage 4 kidney disease. I will likely need kidneys removed and dialysis (sp?) soon. I REALLY need someone to talk to that has exchanged one deadly disease for another like me lol. I am doing antibody infusions now to try to stegthen my immune system and hopefully lessen the frequency of these infections. It is very scary knowing soonno antibiotic will work. Anyway, I hope I find someone who knows what I am talking about. Most people have never even heard of the type of cancer I had (even some doctors) finding people that can relate isn't easy. It's pretty rare. Hope to hear from someone soonLaughing


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    Hi,Did you find help?

    Hi,Did you find help?


    My dad has same issues.Stent and one kidney gave up alreadyand he is in stage 5 ckd(chronic kidney disease)

    frequent utis and antibiotic resistance.


    What are you trying out now?He isnt a great candidate for dialysis owing to opening up on infection points with canulas.He has had sepsis twice and surived at 69 but he isnt doing too well.

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    I signed into this site for the first time yesterday Aug 18, 2022 because I am looking for help with long-term adverse effects of cancer treatment. You post was made 2019 and perhaps by now you are no longer tracking this site. If you'd care to pursue this topic further, then please reply. I have a wealth of knowledge on the subject due to both personal experience and professional training.