Up at night to urinate

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I had my hysterectomy 10 weeks ago.  I was put in surgical menopause.  My symptoms such as night sweets came on gradually.  For the past 4 weeks I'm getting them every night .


This week, I'm now waking up in the middle of the night to urinate. Did anyone have this issue when newly in menopause?  Being awaken at night to urinate? 


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    I did not have night sweats with menopause but I did have to go to pee at least once. Try to avoid liquids for a few hrs before bedtime.
    But, I did and still do have hot flashes galore during the daySealed

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    Nighttime urinating and hotflashs

    I can’ t remember exactly but I do get up to urinate more frequently. I think it was from radiation treatments but could have been from surgically induced menopause. I try not to drink many fluids in the evening.

    Hot flashes were managed by taking Effexor or Venaflexin 37.5 mg daily for a couple years. It is an “off label“ use of the anti-depressant medication. No side effects experienced from Venaflexin (spelling?)  Use of estrogen creams are contraindicated for women with endometrial cancer typically.


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    Thank you so much for

    Thank you so much for responding. Everything that is new just makes me want to see if it's typical symptom of menopause .


    You folks are great!