Avastin Treatment

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i am new to the board and website. I had endrometrial cancer that metisize to my lung. I was 

put on Torisel which I got very ill and stopped the treatment.  The oncologist wants me to start Avastin.

Has anyone taken this medication and what was your experience or know some that has taken the medication?

i would appreciate the feedback, I am very anxious about stating this new med.

Thank you for your time and help.




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    I'm a member of the uterine cancer board. Although I haven't taken Avastin, I know that a number of the ladies on that site have taken it and have posted comments about their experience with this drug.

    If you go to https://csn.cancer.org/forum/189 and search for Avastin in the "keyword search" box you'll bring up a lot of posts.

    Also you can repost your question there and get some direct responses. The ladies there are always willing to provide support. Please visit us there.