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My cats are zeroing in on what is making my apartment stink...its me. I just NED 5/24/2018. I am learning a lot about me and cancer that they dont tell you. 

I smell like a meth labber, my cancer has an odor and so does the chemo still leaking out of my pores.

I had my apartment manager looking for a meth lab in my building, I could smell it very strongly. I have phantom odors, my worst odors are turpentine and chlorine. Its not in my nose, its a common side effect to stopping chemo and common to all cancer patients. So why didnt anyone tell me??? At least its not cat spray anymore, I went through a couple of months smelling cat spray.




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    I sure hope...

    I sure hope you apologized to your cats. Not that they'd be appreciative or anything, being cats Laughing .

    I had some medical issues going on a while back (non-cancer related) and every time I was around beef cooking odors, it smelled like we were overdue to clean out the cat box. It didn't matter what cut of beef, either -- cheap ground beef, premium ground beef, meatloaf, steak, prime rib, pot roast... WAY overdue to clean out the catbox.

    Except we didn't even have a cat anymore, let alone a cat box!


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    You need to buy your cats a nice apology treatment

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    Hi! I’m now at four years and still cancer free. I made the doctors really check me out this past spring and I am healthy!! Such a kick, I started with a 20% survival rate that dropped to 3%. Gotta love those doctors!!

    I know it’s said if you have a side effect for 5 years it’s permanent but I am finding the nerves are healing and I am going to be able to play tennis again.

    I lost one cat, and it was sad. My other cat is still with me and I have a little dog the cat outweighs and is bigger than, but not by much.

    They did find cancer 2 more times after the first on was eradicated but they zapped it fast and no more since then, one of them looked like a”ghost tumor “, showed on film but nothing there. So yes I am a Liver Cancer Survivor!!