Post RP and SRT journey - oh joy



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    Venomous lake

    Hi Hew,

    I scan read that as venomous lake, shades of Doom, 'arrgh no, he has fallen into the venomous lake!'
    But no, you are OK to carry on tootling onwards.
    I am OK, it is getting on for two years since my last shot of modified monkey glands, so I am feeling not bad.
    All in all I am a bit creakier, but I am four years older, so it is to be expected.
    My life is OK but maybe a bit boring; shopping, cooking, gardening, feed the birds, care for the wife and cat, etc.
    Maybe I am suffering from middle class, middle-aged weltschmerz?

    Best wishes,


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    BBC results

    Good to know that you are clean from BBC worries but I am surprised with the UK's NHS in attending you so early. Here it takes at least eight months to get an appointment with a specialist in the local NHS for a wartlike sore or skin related issue that could be cancerous. Covid19 has drained some of the personal from those medic departments (including all GPs) that have to deal now with those guys in quarantine. What used to be accepted as "next week"  it turned to be "next month". My GP introduced in the NHS system my request for a cataracts treatment 5 months ago but I am still waiting for a call from an ophthalmologist.

    The problem is that the NHS services will deteriorate in the future. Portugal ranks third in the world with the highest percentage of graying population, heavily affecting the sources in the health sector. Apart from the local population, many retirees from other countries come to live here for the warmth and long sunshine periods.

    Enjoy the results. 


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    @george - hehe - that would

    @george - hehe - that would confuse the GP! I envu you the boredom. We are both getting stressed about me not working. I have to find something my social anxiety will cope with. Even though we have savings, it is the reassurance of having a job.


    @Vasco - luckily there was a GP with experience actingas locum to the surgery. He did a visual exam with the torchy lensy thing and was certain it was a venous lake. Usual caveat of "if it changes, come back". I think they are trying to triage such things at the surgery to avoid loading the hospitals.

  • hewhositsoncushions
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    Feb 2019: 0.07

    Jul 2019: 0.05

    Nov 2019: 0.09

    Feb 2020: 0.09

    May 2020: 0.05

    August 2020: 0.06

    Jan 2021: 0.07

    July 2021: <0.03

    Jan 2022: <0.03; cholesterol up slightly and triglycerides up a tad more.

    I am basically a fat b*stard in remission :)


    PS Does anyone know how to edit posts in this new format? I can't seem to find a way.

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    Looking good!

    Exercise (duh) to work on those other issues.

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    Less than 0.03 is the LLD of the assay used in your laboratory. You are in complete remission. Congratulations.

    I have encountered some issues in using this new format of the site. Doesn't look as friendly as the previous one. I tend to shorten my comments.


  • hewhositsoncushions
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    Its a relief having two undetectables in a row. Just gotta get my head around living now :)