Radiation burn on throat

I have had cancer on my vocal chord (1) Did radiation for 7 weeks and chemo. I am in remission but have a problem with my radiation burn on throat. I expectorate frequently and after I talk for acertain length of time , my voice gets very croaky. I am wondering if anyone has a gargle that would help to improve cure time forthe burn I  in my throat I recieved from radiation. I go to the ENT and cancer doctor and they tell me it could take 2-3 years for the throat to heal.



  • Kathryn in Houston
    Kathryn in Houston Member Posts: 20 Member
    It does take time I'm sorry to say...

    I had 30 treatments to my throat. That was 5 years ago. I don't know of anything to gargle with but I have to say the thing that helped me the most I think was believe it or not, coconut water. Yea, can you believe it. It is an acquired taste so don't give up on it cuz the benefits far outweigh the taste. Still to this day nothing heals my dry throat or hydrates me better. Water doesn't even come close to what this stuff does. My voice would do the same thing but it did get better with time. Hang in there! It DOES GET BETTER...