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I just spoke to Ron, Editgrl (Chris's) boyfriend. As some of you know, in August Chris came home from treatment in Germany with her cancer in check but not entirely eliminated, especially the lymph nodes in her neck. Her October PET scan showed new activity in her lymph nodes and lungs, resulting in severe pleural effusion. She had a tumor assay and was prescribed 6 weekly rounds of taxol, which was increased to 9 treatments when the tumors continued to grow. Shortly after chemo started she had a drain put in her right lung. She tolerated the chemo well, despite having to drain nearly a liter of pleural fluid every 36-48 hours. Unfortunately, now both lungs are so compromised that they can no longer be drained, and she's in the hospital and on oxygen. She texted me that she will not come home. Per Rod, she's lucid and pain free but it's only the equipment that is breathing now. Sometime in the next day or so, she'll decide to turn off the machinery and will drift away.

Chris's 65th birthday was December 29. She spent it with friends, happy and having champagne. Please pray for her in whatever way you are able as she begins her homeward journey. I will pray too, but right now I'm too busy crying. I'll keep you posted as I hear more. B

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    Oh, no .... I am so sorry to

    Oh, no .... I am so sorry to read this. She has been a source of strength to so many of us.

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    I am so sorry.

    I am so sorry.

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    derMaus, thank you for

    derMaus, thank you for sharing this most difficult news with us.  Thank you for posting her picture so we can see her beautiful, smiling eyes.

    Chris was such a blessing to all the women here.  Her spirit was incredible and she loved life.  We all should be so lucky we were blessed to know her.  I pray God holds her in his loving hands.  May He bless her family and all of us.  

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    My thoughts are with her and

    My thoughts are with her and her family. I will be thinking of you also derMaus through this difficult time. 


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    Hoping for different outcome

    Thanks for checking up on her. It's been so long since she posted that I suspected that she was in a battle, but still hoping for better news at some point. This is so disheartening to hear. She had such a calm and gentle touch with her posts and was always so willing to help anyway she could. I'm glad she's not in pain, but this is hard to hear. Praying that her passing is gentle. She is and always will be missed. Thank you Chris for being here. It was an honor to know you. This is really hard to accept!!

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    My heart is broken

    I hate this. She is fighting so hard. We still have a Words with Friends game going on. God please be with Chris and hold her in your mighty arms and comfort her. 

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    Chris has shared so much with us, not just this awful disease,  but bits and pieces of her life outside cancer.  She is very real to me and I'll carry her memory alongside those of so many others on this board.  I am so sorry. 


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    I'm so sorry to hear this. My

    I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with her and her family.

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    Oh no! I’m so very sorry.

    Oh no! I’m so very sorry. Chris went to all lengths to fight the beast. She was so brave. My heart aches for her and her family:( 

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    I am just sick.  The last

    I am just sick.  The last time she messaged me she sounded so hopeful that the new chemo was going to help her.  She had her hysterectomy about six weeks before me in 2015 and she was such a support to me especially when I was going through chemo hell.  I was so hoping the treatment in Germany would work.  On January 17th, she sent me this:

    "Hi, Eldri.  I wish I was taking a break from cancer.  My cancer exploded a couple of months ago.  My last post described my "game plan" which was a biopsy to send to the Nagourney Institute for live tumor testing.  I am on a weekly regimen of taxol right now, with a week break every 3 weeks.  So far, I've done 2 cycles. I have pleural effusion and have had to had fluid drained from my pleural sac on the left side 3 times in the ER.  I now have a catheter so I can do the draining myself.  The cancer in the lymph nodes in my lungs has also compromised my breathing to the point that I am on oxygen 24/7.  A huge pain.  Almost overnight I have turned into a couch potato.

    Before treatment, my CA125 had skyrocketed to 898.  After two weeks, it went down to 850.  On Monday, it dropped again to 742.  At least it is going in the right direction, but it seems a long way from 35. My doc and I are also talking about Avastin and some other targeted drugs to add to our arsenal, but I think she wants to see what the CA125 is after the next round. My blood counts remain good, though I am slightly anemic, not surprising.

    I am sometimes tired, but aside from that, and mild constipation, I am weathering the chemo well again.  No nausea.  My hair is thinning, but I'm not sure it's going to all fall out this time.

    It's been hard finally "feeling sick" because for the last 2 1/2 years, I really haven't felt bad at all, so it's almost like getting diagnosed all over again.  But I'm not giving up!"

    I am glad to hear she's not in pain but I had so hoped this would have turned out differently.



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    I am so sad to hear this.  I remember thinking how courageous she was to have gone all the way to Germany to try herself on that treatment.  Sh was good to keep us the details, too.  

    God keep Chris near on her passing.

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    I am so saddened. Chris was

    I am so saddened. Chris was one of the first people who reached out to me when I came on this board. She has been such an encouragement to me and my family. She was one of the few who took the initiative to travel far and wide to Germany to test out a new type of treatment, and I was hoping for so much. To hear that she is not doing well breaks my heart. I am praying fervently for her. May God grant her peace. I am just praying for a miracle right now.

    My heart hurts...



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    With Sadness...

    I didn't begin reading this site until after I finished my treatment last September. Some of the past posts that I read were from Editgrl (Chris) since she was initially diagnosed with uterine carcinosarcoma/MMMT (the same as me). Her posts were always informative and supportive to others, And because she was so gifted at writing and expressing herself, her personal interests and views really came through in what she posted.

    Although I didn't spend "real time" with her on this board the way others did, I still feel incredibly sad at this outcome, despite her valiant efforts to fight her cancer. Such a vibrant woman will be sorely missed by her family, friends and even people like me who never had the privilege of communicating with her directly.

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    This is so very hard

    What a wonderful individual. If she made this big of an impression on me over the last few months without ever meeting me I cannot imagine the pain her friends and family must be going through. Sending my thoughts and prayers to all of them.  

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    This makes me so very sad.

    This makes me so very sad. Chris was one of the first people to answer my questions about this cancer. She’s been such a ray of light on this site and she never stopped fighting. I will pray for her. Thank you for updating us. 

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    So sorry to hear this about

    So sorry to hear this about Chris.  She had a lot of advice and was always so positive.  Praying for her and her family. Trish

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    I am new so I don't know this lady, but that makes no difference.  I am so heartbroken.  I hate to read things like this.  I am at a loss for words.

    My priest gave me this prayer when I was in the hospital.  If anyone is non-religious, please do not be offended.  This is just me expressing how I feel for this lady:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven

    Blessed are the meeK for they shall posses the earth

    Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.

    Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy

    Blessed are the clean of heart for they SHALL SEE GOD.



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    Thank you Editgrl (Chris)

    For being you. For inspiring us, informing us and mist of all for comforting us. May you feel our gratitude over your pain and our love forever. 

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    So Very Sad

    Tears and prayers for a kind and courageous women who has meant so much to all of us on this Board. Mrs. Red and I pray for Chris and her family and thank God for allowing us the opportunity to share life with Chris. She will be greatly missed and may her memory be a blessing for all.

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    My heart hurts for her and for all of us...it's hard to lose a fellow warrior and hard to know she is suffering so much...

    she, and all of us, will be in my prayers...her strength, optimism and bravery will long be remembered...