Hard to watch

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I seem to be the only one here. Makes sense - after 2am here in Ottawa. Sitting by my sister's bedside. Gave her meds (PO) at 1am, decided to sit with her until she fell asleep. Fifteen minutes later, vomiting. She's resting now - hurts to talk - doesn't want replacement meds subQ just yet. She's palliative but some days seems so well it's hard to imagine she's dying. Actually docs say she's not "actively dying." We got blindsided two months ago when they told her chemo failed and there were no other treatment options. They gave her a month. Her 61st birthday is next Sunday - I expected to be observing it alone. I'm glad she's still here  - just wish she felt better.

I'm glad to stay with her but it's hard to watch her in pain or going through the tremendous exertion of vomiting. I'm not squeamish - just feeling helpless.


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    So Sorry


    I'm so sorry that no other members were here at the time you posted. I know how sad and lonely this is for you. I experienced the same circumstances with my husband in 2013 and then again with my daughter in 2014. I know the helpless feeling of it all is overwhelming.

    I'm glad she is still having some good days. Just spend as much time as you can with her. Those memories are so important. 

    Peace be in your heart.


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    Thinking of both of you

    Wishing i had the perfect words to provide some comfort but I know there really are none.

    Hugs to you both.