My daddy has cancer...

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My father has been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Nasal Cavity... 

This past Wednesday, he had surgery to remove the cancer. In doing so, the doctors removed his nose along with bone in his nose area

 Going into the surgery we were told that they will be reconstructing his nose on Friday. Things quickly changed when the doctors discovered that the cancer is more wide spread than they thought. Now i am told reconstruction isnt possible because of the fact that my fathers insurance will not cover the bone of his nose to be replaced... and they are talking about prostetic noses. 

They also stated that chemo and radiation is not an option bc he did not have any positive results with it previously...


Is there ANY WAY i can find a way for my dad to be able to have the surgery? Paying out of pocket is NOT an option... Are there any clinical anything or centers that would help him at least reconstruct hiis nose and them we are open to alternative treatments..?

Any info will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!


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    Many times...

    Many times, insurance will reject a request, but will later approve it on appeal. Ask the insurance specifically why it was rejected. Speak with the care team. Find out why the surgery would be a good thing. 

    If you're doing this for your dad, be sure you have the right / permission to access his medical info. Otherwise you may not get very far, which can seem like a no-dignity thing, when in fact it's really a pro-dignity thing. 

    So sorry your dad is going through this. Good to hear you're advocating for your dad. Keep us posted as you're able. 

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    Daddys Girl

    I'm curious what insurance company is putting your family through this.  I know in recent years some of them have been struggling financially, and there seems to be a lot more of being told after the fact that something is not covered even though it was preauthorized.  But I think your surgeon's office needs to get in there and help you.  They did get this preauthorized, did they not?  And did they forewarn you that the insurance might not pay if the cancer was more widespread?  Read Aetna's Facebook page and you'll read story after story about this stuff.  Best succcess.  God bless.