Radiation induced pain

Hi Anyone!  I have had pelvic bone X-rays last June and have been suffering with chronic pelvic, hip, groin and back pain.  I have had an MRI of spine and hips - nothing to show why I have this pain. Taken all sorts of medication- none help. Oncologist thinks it's iin my head! WRONG!   Can anyone comment. Hurts when I walk, getting up from a sitting position and out of a car.  THANKS. 


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    X rays or radiation?

    Not sure I understand.

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    X rays or radiation?

    Not sure I understand.

    Pelvic Diagnostics

    I had pelvic bone X-rays.  Have developed PN both legs and lymphedema (I have to check this out because my thighs look abnormally large) - never had either problem before the diagnostics. No appetite and fatigue due to constant pain.  I also have no interest in eating salads or fresh fruit as before. Weird! Thanks for any help or thoughts. Victoria2360.