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    Im hoping to get a hot and

    Im hoping to get a hot and cold back supporter today. No work today. just chemo.  Dont know really which i would rather do.  I guess im not picking.  It has to be chemo.  After i had ice on my back for a while yesterday i my back did feel quite a bit better.  About the same as it was feeling before i left work.  At least i know once i get home i can find some relief. 

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    Janaes, Ice always helps my

    Janaes, Ice always helps my back. It helps with the inflamation. If you can use an ice pack many times a day, for a few days; it may get rid of your backache for good.  I hope chemo goes well for you today. Take care of yourself!

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    janaes said:

    Im made it through my second

    Im made it through my second day.  It was my darn back problems that is the worst.  I really think i would have been fine if it wasnt for that.  I went straight home to lay down.  My wonderful daughter brought me a ice pack and a drink of water.  It meant the world to me.  my bach hurt the hole time at work.  I did my job still but it sure wasnt fun.  Its hard because its the chemo i thought would hurt my job performance but its the back pain from the hysterctomy.  maybe i will have to go to a back doctor or something.  Any suggestions!! I dont want to have this pain forever.  The problem is is that i didnt have this back pain until last week.  what a bummer.  Edri it was nice to here from you.  I was thinking about you yesterday. 

    You shouldn't have to suffer!

    That was super nice of your daughter. Will you be seeing your doctor tomorrow during chemo? If so, let him know about the pain so that he can prescribe something for you. You shouldn't have to suffer! 

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    I bought me a back support

    I bought me a back support today after chemo. I put it on an it feels better.  I think im going to try it tomarrow at work.  Unfotionatly nothing i have tried in form of medication really hasnt helped me.  Ive tried alive and tylonal.  I forgot to ask my doctor on tuesday about taking extra milagrams. bummer!!!!!!  Thanks again every one for your support.  You gals are truely amazing.