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Off camping for 4-5 days. My yearly biker camping event. Except this year I have to drive my truck. Ah, luxury accommodations. And we are expecting purr-fect weather. Beer, bands and bikes. More misbehaving in one weekend than most people experience in a life time. Can't wait. This party is on private property and anything goes unless it involves guns or fire. Not for the faint of heart. 200 acres of activities. 80 acres just for camping and in 48 hours tents are almost on top of each other. Everyone watches out for one another and in the end it will probably be the safest place in America this weekend. Non bikers are invited too if you know the secret handshake. YAHOO!!! see you next week!


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    Whew.. you scared me at first

    Whew.. you scared me at first!!!

    BUT now I know why~

    Have just the bEST TIME. so well deserved!I remember where you were not too long ago and it was so heartbreaking and scary.So glad you are going to celebrate now!!

    Hugs, Jan  YEEE HAAA!!!

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    Almost sounds like Woodstock

    Have a blast!  You deserve it.


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    Have fun

    Like Jan you scared me at first too. I was just thinking about sending you a message to see how you were doing. It's great to hear that you're doing well. Have a blast at your camp out . You certainly deserve it. 


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    Happy trails and enjoy!

    Happy trails and enjoy!

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    But don't misbehave too much!!  Lol


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    You scared me!!

    Enjoy your trip - but that scared me!!!!!!!!!

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    Hope you have a great trip, sounds like a good time!

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    My idea of camping is portaging your canoe and gear into a lake with few if any other people. No roads. No noise. just the outdoors. Just check out Algonquin Park (the canoeing capitol of the world) on Trip Advisor where thorntree ak/a Icemantoo is a Destination Expert. Nine person limit per campsite and most campsites are at least 1/2 mile  apart.



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    Enjoy your trip

    Enjoy your trip

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    I camped all over the world

    I camped all over the world for a year when I was young. That was enough for a life time so now my idea of roughing it is not having a mini bar in my hotel room. But wishing you a fantastic trip and a wonderful time!

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    Sounds like fun!!


         Hope you are having a great time!! Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

                                 Love and prayers for good health!


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    Good Times!

    Party on, Fox!! I hope you enjoyed your camp out. Sounds like a good time!

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    Boy, Fox, that title scared

    Boy, Fox, that title scared me.. LOL.. hope you enjoyed yourself....

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    So how was it

    Since I hadn't seen this post before and by now you must be back... unless it was soooo much fun you decided to stay?!  Your trip sound like a lot of fun!

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    Gee Maria

    I thought I posted how my trip was. It is here somewhere. A great time as always. perfect weather, people, and entertainment. I do look forward to next year. Actually, I look forward to next month. LOL.