Raditation Enteritis - So now I have a REALLY grumpy gut

Hi Everyone -

I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC endometrial/uterine cancer in the fall of 2013. I underwent a total hysterectomy and then 6 months of what my oncologist calls "sandwich" therapy. 3 round of chemo (taxol and carboplatin), 5 weeks of radiation (both internal and external) and a final 3 rounds of chemo. I've only been in remission for 21 months (yep, a newbie). I am trying to live a healthier life, but all the foods that are good for me (and I love) do not necessarily agree with my gut. Does anyone have any tips on eating well/healthy and making a grumpy gut, well . . . less grumpy?




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    Grumpy gut

    i had the same treatments but nit sandwiched. I just had my first chemo yesterday and so far so good but I fear grumpy gut will be on its way. I had a lot of issues with radiation, but toward the end I started taking Culturelle probiotics and that seemed to help. Have you used them before. I just messaged my cancer care docs and asked if I should take them again. I'm not looking forward to the stomach issues