Funny/Lame cancer experience

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I just joined CSN about a week ago- her'e a sort of funny story from the blog I've started on CSN:

My wife walked out on me in the middle of my treatment for prostate cancer (that's not funny!) She was suppose to be my ride to/from the hospital for two different day surgery seed implants. I had my ex (prior wife) take me instead- very nice of her. She really helped me out in a tough time. A little irony can be be enjoyable.


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    Ray this disease realy shows

    Ray this disease realy shows you who you cna count on. During my treatment my true freinds weir always they to lend a hand and they support. Good luck

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    Love ones


    I know quite a few survivors who had the same thing. Right in the middle of their treatment there partner walked out on them, it is sad and even herded to understand. I am happy to see you ex jump in and take over helping you.