12 years NPC and still going

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I am right at being 12 years passed my first treatment for NPC that was in 2002, and 10 years passed my second treatment for NPC that was in 2004. The side effects have been devastating and I am unable to find a doctor that can help with the side effects or tell me what more to expect. The oncology doctor who did some of my radiation told me he did not thing I would live passed 2006. One reason for this was because the NPC came back a 3rd time but there was no treatment for me then. I live with a lot of pain all on the side of the face where the cancer was, I can no long hear, I am about 80% deaf and without hearing aids I would be lost in this world. I lost the ability to swallow about 2 ½ years ago and now live on a PEG tube. But all in all I think I am doing well and some days feel great, I am able to be a part of all my grandchildren’s life and that is very important to me so that I can help them to know the God I server. I still work but it is mostly a desk job but it pays well, so I am very thankful for that. So 12 years after treatment I am still living and working and doing the things I always loved to do, God has been very good to his servant.

Tim Hondo