My Dad has Liver Cancer

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Back in December, my dad (59) was diagnosed with liver cancer. I don't know which stage he is in, just in the latter. I am 19 years old, and an adopted child. My dad has given me the life anyone would admire or wish for. He's my best friend. He's my mother and my father. He taught me everything I am today, and stood by me whenever I had a problem. I never ever had a fight with him. 

When I first learned about my dad's situation, I told my mum, "I won't be able to live with you." I don't mean it the way I said it, just more in the way that my mum doesn't know much about me because I have had such a close relationship with my mum. When my friends went shopping with their mum's and having girly days, I was with my dad going to the movies or shopping. He was willing to do everything with me, still does. So, now that I think about it, I am trying very hard not to accept the fact that this is really happening.

Today his doctor prescribed him with Nexavar. Have anyone else had experience with this? I learned that there are many different kinds of side effects. My dad also can't undergo procedures like liver transplant or chemo because of his heart problems. He has many conditions, one being irregular heart beat and irregular blood pressures. 

I was studying in The Netherlands, university. After my Christmas break, I returned back to school, but decided to come back home, in Taiwan, after I saw my dad's situation getting worse. He's constantly tired and his mind doesn't seem to be here. He's always drifting off into his worries and he doesn't speak about it. I'm taking online courses at home, but am unable to find a school here in Taiwan to which I can transfer to. So basically, I've put my studies on a pause, which my dad is very angry about. But I'd do anything to be around him right now. 

I wanted to find a platform where I can share my worries and what I'm going through with others who are too. So, I hope I will be able to find someone here to talk to. 


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    Hi Megan, I am 52,  I also

    Hi Megan, I am 52 and from the UK.  I also have inoperable liver cancer and I have been taking Nexavar for 3 months, the side effects have been quite mild really, my head itches, ( feels like someone pulled my hair out ) and I have been having a problem with infections so I had to come off it for 2 weeks. sometimes I have felt a little bloated and I also get pretty bad  diahrea (sp ? ), like you I was really worried as when you read the warnings it sounds horrific, but as my doctor said, " you see similiar warnings on over the counter meds ". I hope this alleviates any worries you or your dad may have and I hope it works out well for him. It also raised my blood pressure but I was told this is good as it means the pills are working.

    I think most of the side effects can be treated.


    BTW I take 4 tabs a day , I decided to take 2 at 4am and the other 2 at 4pm that way I get to sleep through some of the side effects and it doesn't interfere with my eating habits too much, ( no food 2 hours before and 1 hour after ).

    Thanks for standing by your dad and good luck to you both.


    Love and peace