late effects of chemo? Anyone else??

Hi, Wondering if anyone else has had neuropathy after many years of chemo? I had Wilms tumor when i was 13 and this year am experiencing weird neuropathy. I am wondering after this many years if this is possible?? Anyone help? I had Vincristine and andriomyacin. I am 26 yrs HEALTHY!


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    Based on my understanding of both your chemo drugs, the intervening time and the ailment, it seems unlikely that there is any relationship. My understanding is limited however, and I advise seeking the input of some manner of professional.



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    Long term effects

    Hi. I'm an 11 yr. breast cancer survivor in remission and can attest that there ARE long term "after effects", as confirmed by my oncologist. Generally it depends on how aggressive your treatment was and the stage of your cancer, and also your general health and age. I was 53 when I was diagnosed with stage 3B infiltrating ductal carcinoma, lymph node involvement. Normal age related ailments have been harder , i.e. arthritis, energy level, shortness of breath, bone health, etc. Even the dreaded "chemo brain" has lingered! I had 33 rounds of chemo with the last 2 doses  higher than the others. I had 2 different "cocktails"of chemo, both used for aggressive cancers.  I hope this helps.Laughing Best of luck to you!

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    I have no other explanation

       I am 15 years ex stage 3c colon cancer and 48 sessions of chemo therapy. Nerve conductivity tests have shown I have virtually no peripheral motor-sensori nerves working in my left leg or left hand and minimal signals in my right leg. I suffer over 10000 premature ectopic ventricular  and atrial heartbeats a day. I have an unknown aouto-immune disease effecting my kidneys. For years I have been losing two to three grams of protein a day thru my urine. It has suddenly developed into nephrotic syndrome and I have had to start taking cyclosporine, adrug normally used to stop rejection in organ transplants. At no time in over fifteen years of survival have there been any attempt to follow up on my status. They don't know and or don't care what treatment has done to me. One of the drugs I was on ,levamisole, was banned a year after I was on it . It was an immuno -modulator. God only knows what it did to my immune system. I have been thru three kidney biopsies and my nephrologist has no idea. I plan to write my own epitaph and will make it clear I died of' Ï DON'T KNOW".!. Ron.