ROLL CALL - borrowing from our Ovarian sisters!



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    artist49 said:

    roll call: September 2013

    Age : 64

    Location: New Jersey, Florida in winter

    Diagnosed: September, 2010    UPSC stage 4B grade three - cancer in whole pelvic area including omentum ,

                    wrapped around colon, and found in 39 lymph nodes. Optimal debulking at Sloan Kettering.

    Treatment: Clinical trial at Sloan - Carboplatin, Ixabepilone and Avastin for 6 treatments ending February, 2011.

                     Continued  with avastin as maintenance every three weeks  till the present 

    Status: still NED as of last week's catscan. CA125 is three (was only 53 at diagnosis)

    Diet: now on paleo/ketogenic type of diet. Lost 40 lbs since diagnosis, feel great but avastin is now

            causing blood pressure issues.

             I was in disbelief when onc told me results of catscan last week. I was totally expecting a recurrance -after all,

             how long can I possibly expect NED to hang around with a diagnosis like mine? Following the events on this

             forum makes it difficult to be too optimistic . My doctor says - "Turn off the internet!"

             Good luck and good health to everyone.


    Hurray for NED

    Dear Artist,

    Hurray for NED.  Don't let the diagnosis rule your life.  Enjoy your NED.  

    Every body is different.