new problem from all the great cures from cancer

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 Well after suffering through all thr pain of what I thought were hemrrhoids for nearly a year and seeing expert doctors i was in Texas for the birth of my grandson when the pan got so bad i went to see one more doctor. This doc actually spends more than five minutes with me. The doc says i'll bet you had radiation and surgery for cancer. Radiation once for rectal cancer two surgeries and one RFA on my liver. The doc says the pain isn't hemhrroids, it's chemical burns. He explained that the burns by my anus are due to the fact that my colon is so short to absorbs the acid in conjunction with frequent bowel movements I've been teather to a toilet for years. Quite often bowel movemens without my knowledge. The freqent bowel movements are caused by the radiation damaging the nerves and muscle control of my bowels.The doc gave some creams and said in about 10-14 days it will heal and i'll get a couple of days before the burns start again and the creams need to be re-applied, He was right in the first time i have no pain but it will come back and like with cancer there is no cure. Another part of being 'cured' by the various treatments that doctors don't have the time to let you know these things will happen. The experts shove volumes of information and they tell us the bad outcomes are not  likely to happen. The disease must be treated their way. My treatments over they last 10 years have done so much damage could death been better? Of course not! But after all these problems and the prospects of more and more maybe my friend John was right maybe juicing or tree bark or dancing around a campfire with an Eagle feather is better. NO I'm no making fun maybe they are right and my arrogant attitude who dismissed the possibilites after all the special incredibly brillant doctors who say they know best.

well back to Michigan best of health everyone.












































































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    Hey Lou…..


    For what it’s worth….?


    The herbs I took did manage to do exactly what the studies, tests, documentation, and those that used it for their only treatments, said it would do…… and yeah, luckily I’ve been “cancer free”. Not too bad for a 2006 diagnosis that said that I’d have maybe 3~5 years –if- I did chemo and -0- time if I didn’t…..


    However.. (this may make you feel better)… The initial operation left me with an Ileostomy, and the surgeon(s) didn’t use preventative measures to keep adhesions to the minimum… and those same surgeons left what remained of a small section of colon tangled up inside me, causing problems since 2006… And… they left a cancer nodule behind the well-placed stoma.. Three separate operations across two weeks in 2006, and they didn’t do much right.


    The cancer nodule died (thanks to the herbs), but the adhesions caused a major blockage that needed surgery to repair in 2011/12. And –that- surgeon apparently panicked during the extended surgery, and resected ½ of my small intestine, leaving me with two (2) Ileostomies. The original Ileostomy/stoma was left connected to the ½ of intestine that was stapled shut inside me and left to die, rotting for over a year inside me. They couldn’t figure out why my surgical wound refused to heal and appeared to be continually infected. I went for over a year like that, until I had another adhesion (related to both 2006 and 2011 surgeries) in 2012/13.


    That surgeon was absolutely excellent. He removed all the rotting intestine, the two old stomas, repaired the section of colon so it would drain properly instead of poisoning me slowly as it had been. He gave me a new stoma in a new location, and did his best not to make my remaining small intestine any shorter…


    However Lou, I have a “short bowel” dumping into an Ileostomy. I am always dehydrated and have to take three liters of hydration via a PICC line daily. They say that my remaining digestive tract will never absorb enough liquid to make up for what’s normally being expelled instead of being re-absorbed.


    And Lou… They say that eventually I’ll likely need to take daily nutrition via a PICC line as well.


    Dumping stuff directly into one’s blood stream will eventually lead to severe renal problems. Normally our digestive tract filters out all the garbage prior to feeding it into the liver and kidneys for filtering. When we bypass that integral step, we add problems to where none existed previously.


    So ya’see, Lou… Cancer takes away a lot from us; a lot that can never be replaced. Cancer changes us in ways that we do not always see as clearly as those around us do. We reflect the fear we feel deep inside us without realizing that we are doing so.


    But is the feeling of “impending doom” any different than simply growing old? Is it any different than getting to the age that most people die at, wondering when –our- last day is going to be?


    Don’t those of us who have family that managed to last to 75~85 years, and who are now reaching those years ourselves worry as much as a cancer victim who is starting to realize that only a handful of years may remain?


    Sobering thoughts?


    No-one wants face the reality of our own mortality; we refuse to quit, and that is the way we are intended to be.

    It’s the power of self survival; the natural power of the will to live. It’s what keeps that weed in the middle of a major highway growing……..


    Cheer up old man. Keep trying to grab that gold ring as the merry-go-round passes it; sit higher on the horse and reach further for it…. What’s to lose by trying?


    Be well,





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    hey Lou

    i been wondering how you have been doing.although i have never had the hemmoroid problem i do have the long term damage from my radiation also.if my stools get to loose,i have accidents because that muscle has been damaged,yes i was told this after all radiation tx were are not alone.radiation also damaged or in other terms burned my insides so much that there is permenant scar tissue,so for a womans point of view even though i have tried many things sex is not part of my life anymore that my friend is another story.just letting you know you are not alone in this fight.i guess all of the damage we go thru is just part of trying to survive the best we can.stay in touch we are here for you....Godbless....johnnybegood