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    What are you Waiting for

    The ER is not going to extent an invitation to come see them, but you definitely need to go in today.  Don't go to the ER that is by you if it's not reputable but go to the one that is 45 minutes away.  Living in this much pain and discomfort is well worth the extra drive.  I'm not sure why you are waiting.  Your June appointment is 2-3 weeks away and honestly, with your symptoms, I'm not sure you should wait that long.  You can take a turn for the worse fast.  You need to find a family member or friend to take you TODAY.  You said "don't sugar-coat it for me.  I'm a big boy."  It really doesn't seem that way if you can't seek some help fast.  I'm not being mean, just practical as nipping it in the bud early usually always is better.  Hope we here that you have gone.  Good luck.


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    It's Been Said Before....

    That some folks can argue with a Sign Post - and still take the wrong way home...

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    I can only hope

    My husband had his first colonoscopy at age 50 - all clear.  However the scope was a bungled as bugled could be. Dr had never done one, Nurse anesthitest but him under 1.5 hours before procedure began. There was perforation near the cecum. Not good at all. This was all military medicine. Skipped my recommended scope two years later due to my husbands disaster..  Flash forward another 4 years, I had all the classic symptoms, but no one suggested colonoscopy. At 56' with long term symptoms, nothing as severe as yours, I had my scope. Got a good GI doc who TALKED to me before the scope.  I was out, but when I woke up with my husband there, the Dr told us that I had a 5 cm "polyploid mass" in my rectum. Was referred for PET scan and to a colorectal surgeon. Everything looked good until GI doc said to have an ultrasound. Did.  Before procedure Dr argued with me as to what my sme was and then diagnosed me with a T3 tumor. Yes, I know my name and he was wrong. Now, I am scared. COLORECTAL surgeon decided to go ahead with TEM surgery. Path comes back 2 days later. Cancer in Situ, high dysphasia. No further treatment, just annual surveillance.


    There are good doctors and bad. Colonoscopy prep isn't fun. Fear can keep you from getting needed help. All true, all stupid reasons. It doesn't matter if the ER is five hours away, get there and get there now