Radiaplex or some other radiation burn creme asap...

Hi all-

Am new to this but am calling out a plea to help me find a pharmacy that carries Radiaplex or something that for sure works.

I heard that it could help my 12 year old daughter's radiation burns. We have 11 more radiation treatments to go and she has started experiencing the burns in multiple places- she has 3 different areas being treated. We are in the SF- area. 

I am not getting any information from the doctor other than apply some lotion each day- no real directive to type or anything.


Much thanks!


  • vonski
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    Radiation burns

    Don't know of the Radiaplex, but I can share a couple things that helped me with radiation burns.


    1.  Cool Magic Hydrogel pads.  The doc's at MD Anderson gave me these & they are very helpful.  It's a plastic pad with some kind of gel.  You peel it apart & place the gel side on the burn area.  You can probably order them off the internet if your doc doesn't have them.  I found them on this site:  lotstolivefor.com


    2.  Calendula cream.  It's a cream that you can get at natural food type stores or natural healing stores that have herbs etc.  It's a nice healing/cooling cream I also used.


    Hope this helps.  I know how painful and uncomfortable the burns can be so my heart goes out to your daughter.