Blood Clots in Lungs

I have colon cancer and was told they got it all during surgery but it was a god ised to have chemo anyway to be sure they get all the cancer cells that may have spread even though all my scans are clean. I have had 5 treatments so far. After the third treatment they had to stop the oxyplatin because I now have neuropathy so bad I can barely function.

After the fifth treatment I found myself in the hospital with blood clots in both lungs and am now on coumidan for I don't know how long so treatmet has been suspened this week. I am really beigning to wonder if it is all worth it at this point. I am so emotionally drained I can barley function and I have no support, I am on my own. I have read it can take up toa year for the blood clots to resolve if ever and this may be a permenant problem.

Has anyone else had blood clot and put on coumidan and still went through with the chemo?

Sorry for mispelled words and mistakes, my fingers don't work to good anymore.


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    Sorry about your lung blood

    Sorry about your lung blood clots and I hope they disappear soon.   I too have Stage 4 Colon cancer and usually post on the Colorectal Cancer forum, perhaps if you post there you will get plenty support and responses.    I do not have any blood clots so I cannot give you any advice at this time.


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    i am sorry to hear that you

    i am sorry to hear that you are having a tough time, i too developed blood clots in my lungs for the same reason.   i was unable to take cumidi for a while until i was more stableized.  i have acute lymphoblastic leukimea.   and yes it is all worth it.  don't give up keep fighting.