metastasis pancreatic cancer

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My heart stop when my husband got sick in March 2012 I knew it was bad becouse he never gets sick.

We got him into the VA and they did some test and that is when. We were told 7 months ago my husband has stage 4  metastasis pancreatic cancer .And they gave him only 6 months or less to live .The doctore said he won't make it 6months.They started chemo and put him on some pain meds .It has been over 6 months and each day i warry may be the last.Some days he fell good.It's like he don't have cancer.Then there are day's when his back hurts and he can't get his bowels to move.I notice he has to have a nap every day and he is weak a lot .I don't know what to exspect . They say he won't get better and I keep track of the day's,week's, and months.Can anyone please help me understand what to exspect . I am so lost 



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    Why me,
    I would encourage you

    Why me,

    I would encourage you to post your concerns on the other boards such as: "rare and other cancers", "caregivers" and/or "emotional support".   Hopefully someone will reach out and provide some guidance and support to you.

    I don't think this particular board has many readers or responders so I'm hoping the other boards will help.  Also, a social worker or hopsice personnel may be able to support you  and of course clergy if you are so inclined. Please take care of yourself, I am so sorry that you and your spouse are going through this.

    All the best,