Holidays Approaching - Recipe Sharing ☺

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Hello everyone. It's that time of year again and the holidays are fast approaching. Last year I set up a website to allow us to share recipes and it is still around but not much activity in awhile :). Many of you contributed recipes and maybe have some new items you would like to add. Also, we have lots of new folks on board now so I'm pasting part of the text from the "Announcements" section here. Anyone may contribute recipes (it's a public site). Happy holidays to everyone!

Recipe Sharing Project

CSN Announcements


Share your favorite recipes and gratitude with other CSN members!

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, here's an opportunity for CSN members (survivors, caregivers and staff) to share a favorite recipe along with what we are grateful for.

Recipes do not have to relate to a holiday theme, just something you really like. Recipes can be entered, viewed and downloaded at - Recipe Sharing Project

Feel free to share with your friends, any of the other CSN discussion boards, chat, or CSN private messaging.

Thank you for participating!

Note: This project has been independently organized by a CSN member. It has not been funded or endorsed by the American Cancer Society.