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Hi I am a 14yr+ survivor of stage three c colon cancer. I was treated with the standard 5Fu but it was enhanced with a drug called levamisole. I have recently found out that levamisole was banned in the US in 2002. The reason given was because of sometimes fatal side effects. I have been ca free since chemo but I suffer from numerous serious aout-immune problems. Levamisole has been in the medical news lately because it has become the preferred substance used in the illicit drug trade to cut cocaine. It has become prominent because cocaine users are starting to suffer serious and sometimes fatal effects from the levamisole in their cocaine. I was wondering if there are any other long term survivors out there who were treated with levamisole or am I the last man standing.Ron.


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    Hi, I am a stage 2 colon cancer survivor, treated with 5 FU and Levamisole in 1994-95. I have been suffering with autoimmune disease effecting my skin and causing fatigue. I wonder if it's a long term effect of Levamisole. I also read about it turning up in cocaine and causing low neutrophils, vasculitis, and necrotic skin patches in cocaine users.

    Ron50 what autoimmune problems do you have?