Matching cancer cells with chemo that works

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Hi everyone!

For some of the oldies here and anyone else who might know, I'm looking for any info on the company that tested John Nimmons (snomminj) tumor sample and determined that the breast cancer chemo was more effective than the standard colon cancer chemotherapies. It was just starting up when he wrote about it but I don't think he wrote anymore. Does anyone remember?

I'm looking for a friend who has exhausted all treatments so any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks so much!! :)


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    This place

    Dr. Nagournay seems to be ahead of the pack with chemo testing.
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    This place

    Dr. Nagournay seems to be ahead of the pack with chemo testing.

    Thank you!!
    My chemo brain forgot that it's called chemo sensitivity testing. I think my integrated clinic does this as well but sends samples to Europe. I will forward this info to my friend.

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    Cancer cells and chemo
    I know that this test was done on my Mother's cancer cells 2 yrs ago here in Birmingham, Al at UAB.UAB is a NCI institute. I am very sure this test was done because they sent us the results and unfortunately the cancer did not respond to any but one of the chemos and it was a very, very low response. My Mother had elected not to have chemo so that report gave us some comfort, knowing that she made the right decision.

    Best wishes to you and your friend,
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    This place

    Dr. Nagournay seems to be ahead of the pack with chemo testing.

    This seems like a smart way
    This seems like a smart way to go about chemo. Grow cells in a petri dish and find out which chemo has the best results. Hmmmmm Someone is finally not trying one size fits all approach to Cancer!

    Best Always, mike
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    tumor profiles and tests, yield puzzle pieces
    This is one of John's threads about his testing and treatment, Caris and Abraxane

    We did both, some antibody staining of fixed pathology samples and some live tumor chemosensitivity testing in nonstandard formats. Got pieces of information that were helpful.
    Special pathology staining, per LEF: COX2, CSLEX1 and CA19-9 were positive, normally not a favorable prognosis but are clear targets. (stains not done at Caris)
    Chemosentivity, what basic combos didn't work (most), what combos worked best on the tissue tested. A nonstandard answer.
    Also we got some cimetidine-nutraceutical neoadjuvant indication, and confidence, from the mesenteric tumor necrosis and primary's shrinkage that was observed in the 1st surgery.

    After that we've worked to build up MCV (for 5FU based treatments), WBC, RBC and platelet readings while driving down CEA, CA19-9 and liver markers and keeping an eye open for potential problems.