5FU Toxicity Treatment & Survival

I have a dear friend in a Southern California hospital being treating for 5FU toxicity either due to DPD deficiency or overdosing of 5FU. Severe toxic symptoms appeared after 2nd chemo treatment, then endured 3rd chemo treatment, then admitted to hospital one week later. Has been in the hospital now for 2 weeks, not getting any better (constant diahrea) and growing weaker each day. Need referral to expert(s) who treat or are knowledgable about ongoing toxic symptoms to 5FU or any other advice regarding treatment and survival. Thank you.


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    i went through the same thing

    i went through the same thing here in colorado 4 years ago. it was an overdose. high doses of magnesium helped. i had 2 stays in icu/ccu oncology ward. still not well. lots of nerve damage, etc. good luck to you and prayers as well.


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    5FU toxicity/screening

    I am recovering from a severe toxic reaction to 5FU in my colon cancer chemo. I had a severe cardio reaction which I now read online is a well-odcumented (though rare) event. I also read that there are tests available to screen for it. Are there other people who were given the screening test by their oncologists? Was my oncologist negligent? I am told by my cardiologist that I have permanent heart damage.

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    A really late reply.

    Bayareacat - You are probably gone from this site. I hope your friend has now recovered from her cancer and the cancer treatment. I had a rough time with 5-fu as well, though it wasn't because of an overdose. I was hospitalized three times for neutropenic fevers during the course of my cancer treament. My WBC went down to 0.2 during the last hospitalization (9 days) in spite of daily Neupogen shots. I ended up getting 2 units of whole blood and 2 units of platelets. I also had pelvic radiation (I had anal cancer). It caused industrial-drums-ful of bright yellow watery radaition enteritis. That went on for about 1-1/2 months of bumper pain. I somehow got through it, but it was very trying and made my husband feel helpless.