940 days, 2500 miles, 4 false alarms, a fiancee, 2 puppies and 7 inches later

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940 days, since my diagnosis and I am still in a constant state
of Zen. It has its good and it has its bad sides like so much in life.
For those who are not familiar with the terms Zen, I feel very
alert, very aware of my feelings, my surroundings. Lucky at times
to be here, guilty on other occasions that others are not. Always
aware that nothing but nothing should be taken for granted. Open...

This awareness made me drive 2500 miles across the country as to
not waste a minute of my life being where I don't want to be.I
looked for a house and found a home, fiancee and all. Now I share
my home with my 4 cats (who shared the ride from AZ with me) and 2
most amazing puppies. I have more love than what to do with (:
Who would have thought? Certainly, not me! I have hair again too.
7 inches of it.

I just wanted to post this and give hope to those who are in the
trenches. Please hold on fast, to your dreams and know there's hope.
This disease affects our lives in so many ways. From our close friends
and family to our inspirations and aspirations, all the way to our
unborn children. But so does the sisterhood on this board. If I am
here today, then it is because you caught me, caught me when I was
falling into a deep black nothing. Every day I crawled out and every
day you made it a little easier with your words of hope and the
understanding you showed me. This board really was my life line and
I will never forget the comfort and encouragement I found here. Nor
will I forget the ride MissRennee gave me to the hospital to have my
mastectomy. I am braver, stronger and more compassionate than before
because of YOU.



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    So glad to hear from you, dear Ayse
    and what a year this has been for you. A fiancee???!!! Congratulations--you deserve the best life has to offer.

    I truly remember the day I met you. You seemed so brave and strong to me then, and look at you now! I am so proud of you and all you've done and all you've become.

    Just so you know, it works both ways--you have been a real inspiration to me and many others here as well. I am so glad you're drowning in love and your life is so rich and full. Fly, my friend, fly!

    Tons of love and hugs, Renee
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    Thanks for the update and the words of encouragement

  • rallendorfer
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    I just feel like standing to my feet and clapping my hands for you in sheer joy! I was lifted by the kind words of these dear ladies out of darkness too. Just like the Simon and Garfunkle song goes, "hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again" I go through deep and dark depression. The sisters here put wind under my heavy wings too! Life, life worth living because of love.

    Thank you Ayse for your words of hope!
  • disneyfan2008
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    good for you....enjoy


    good for you....enjoy life...do what you want...happy for you..

  • salls41
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    thank you
    Thank you so much for posting such inspiration for those of us who need it right now! It came to me on a day I need it most.
  • Gabe N Abby Mom
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    You are such an inspiration!
    You are such an inspiration! You are one of the people who helped me maintain my sanity on this roller coaster. Your joy is contagious and it's beautiful to see. Hold on to the Zen!


  • camul
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    Love hearing how happy you are Ayse.
    Remember feeling so good for you when you made the decision to go where you would be happy. With the house, the fiance, job, and everything else falling in place, it all just seemed so right. Thank you for always being an inspiration.

    You mean so much to so many here.

    Hugs and prayers,
  • MsGebby
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    You just described ....
    You just described .... AWESOMENESS ... You are awesomeness all rolled up into a fuzzy blanket full of static electricity.

    Thank you for posting. It is such a great feeling to know that you have grabbed life by both horns and are not letting go!

    GO YOU!
  • CypressCynthia
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    I am so happy to hear that
    I am so happy to hear that your life is so full and happy these days--you deserve it! You give freely and lovingly of yourself and I am pulling for many, many more days of zen for you! (((Hugs)))
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    You are our very own
    You are our very own Ambassador of Goodwill. It's great hearing from you and reading how well you are doing!

  • New Flower
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    You are our very own
    You are our very own Ambassador of Goodwill. It's great hearing from you and reading how well you are doing!


    Ayse my dear friend
    My dear friend
    I am remember your first post. So glad to see. You happy and healthy.
    We have made very far together
    Let's keep moving forwar
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    Wow, I love this! So healthy
    Wow, I love this! So healthy to reflect on the good and the bad of the journey and to keep everything in perspective. So happy for you that God is continuing to bless you and more importantly that you realize these blessings. Wishing you all the health and happiness in the world--you deserve it!!