RCC CANCER tail bone pain

RCC tail bone pain


  • Bluejuniata
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    Tailbone pain and pressure in rectum.
    I received radiation/xeloda 25x/5 weeks, then had mt rectum removed and a temp. iliostomy, then experienced a major infection/abcess afterwards which had to be drained, now am undergoing folfox 5 becuse of some liver mets.

    I was wondering if anyone else has experience pressure in their rectum after this operation? And my tailbone is pretty sore. There is no pressure when I am lying down and not really hard to sit re pressure but sometimes on my tailbone it does hurt. And the pressure comes when I stand up and move around. Feels like a pulling which I guess makes sense since I am sewn together own there. I am also thinking that all my muscles are tight and ave been pulled this way and that in combination with the radiation might be why my tailbone hurts so. Before I had cancer, I had tailbone issues about 8 years ago and went to my chiropractor who said my sacrum was out of alignment and fixed me up. I have my first PET scan after my folfo5 chemo tjhis wed so am nervos about that and guess it will tell me if anything is seriouly wrong with my tailbone and the pressure feeling. That was my very long way of asking if anyone else has experienced the same kinds of feelings? Thanks!