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i am writeing this for my wife whom is my best friend (22yrs )besides cancer she has lupus rematoid mitral valve and apls. we found out after much run around she had anal cancer that is also in some lymph nodes all below the pelvis . she has done one round of 5 fu and mito and after missing two weeks just had her 15 th rad treatment with 15 to go.our problem is our oncologist, she just does not seem to be taking good care of her. when she was dehydrated and had nausea she would not try any other meds but compasine and zofran, when they did not work(3 days after her pump came off) it was a bug , according to her. not the chemo.... that landed her 6 days in hospital with a ng tube and drs there tough it was the chemo. when itold the oncologist and her nurse what i learened here it made no differance. thank goodness for our lupus dr, he stepped in and treated everything. she is wanting to do what she calls full blown chemo a month after we do 5 fu a the end of rad. without even checking to see if she responded i hear her jokeing with other patiens but not us ... makes me worried sick ..seems like everything is not her deal. especially if its not what she expects , i don't want to chance dr.s in the middle of treatment , i have our lupus dr, we have know for 15 years to back us up.. i just do not know what to do. thanks for letting me vent .. our rad dr. and nurse are fantastic by the way but they only do so much...thanks again dac


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    I know you don't want to change dr., but could your lupus dr or rad dr recommend another oncologist? Hopefully, others here will have some suggestions. Hope better days are ahead.

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    I'm sorry that your wife and you are going through all of this. It sounds to me that 1) this oncologist has some kind of issue with this type of cancer; 2) that she does not have much knowledge about this disease and how to treat it. Anal cancer is still considered a rare disease and there are many oncologists who are not experienced in treating it. Unfortunately, having worked for a doctor for several years, I know the reluctance doctors have when it comes to taking on a patient in midstream who has already begun care by another doctor. Therefore, it may be difficult to switch doctors at this point. But perhaps the lupus doctor can offer some assistance--I would definitely speak with him/her. I wish your wife all the best.
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    Dr Issue
    I am sorry to hear you and your wife are having problems with her chemo/oncologist
    I also have Lupus plus Mitral and tricuspid valve problems.. My Rheumatologist who looks after me for Lupus has stepped in several times to help me when Chemo Oncologist had different ideas.
    Do you have a patient advocate at your Cancer center who can assist you in changing Oncologists. I live in Canada so out system may be different.
    Is your wife still on her Lupus meds,
    I hope you find a solution its hard enough going through treatments without having problems with the Dr.
    Let us know how things go.
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    change docs
    i know it will be hard but get your other doc to help you find another oncologist. so sorry you are having this issue. sephie