my co-ordination is off

my last chemo was in march 2011. i have neuropathy in my feet and hands. cant keep up in excise class. my feet and legs wont move.


  • bluerose
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    Hi Annie
    You mean your feet and hands won't move at all or just the way you want them too in excercising?

    I have the issues too and just saw a neurologist (another one, I have 3 now) and she did a whole bunch of tests in her office and said that the imbalance I have is due to the neuropathy in my feet. She said that my 'spatial' perspectives are all out of whack because of the numbness in my feet. By that she means that because certain parts of my feet are numb so when I place my foot down to walk or get up at any point the nerves don't send the right signals to the brain as they are damaged so I can lose my balance.

    Soon I will have a nerve conduction test to see if the nerve damage is as bad as I think it is but I also have disc issues in my back and that isn't helping the nerve issue either. Do you have back issues as well? A neurologist is running the nerve conduction test.

    Regardless of your situation you have to get a handle on what is causing your balance issues, it might be nerve damage but again it could be something else too. Don't leave it too long because you don't need to start falling and break a hip or something else too. You have enough health issues without all that too.

    Keep us posted.