Radiation Induced Plexopathy

I too am a long term cancer survivor. I had colon cancer 24 years ago followed with radiation treatment. Was wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with radiation induced plexopathy, your symptoms and any treatment/solutions you might have. My symptoms are; muscle twitching, deep aching, tightening feeling, buzzing in my legs from my hip area all they way down to my toes. It's a little more tolerable during the day when I'm busy but the minute I sit down for any length of time, it starts in and at times is pretty awful. Trying to get to sleep at night is the worst. I've seen a Neurologist who put me on gabapentin but I just don't feel it's really helping all that much and from what I can gather so far, there isn't really a lot of help out there for this. I also see an acupuncturist which does help a little bit but not for very long. I've very thankful I'm here today but having some relief from this would be really nice too. Thanks, Barb


  • Hondo
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    Hi Barb
    I too suffer from a lot of side effects of radiation treatment. Pain all through the body, headaches, High and Low Blood pressure all at the same time, so low that it drops me to the ground, Swelling or excess fluid buildup on the brain.

    But they say I am lucky because I am still alive.