CyberKnife radiation

I'm about to start this type of radiaton treatment for a menenginoma that was found near my brain stem. The doctor and nurses have only given me the most hopeful predictions of success with this treatment. The biggest challenge for them was mapping the area of treatment because the new radiation cannot hit other areas that was irradiated. I had been treated with cobalt radiation almost 50 years ago after brain tumor surgery.

Has anyone else had or will be having CyberKnife treatments? I live near Syracuse, NY. I don't really know where other ones are. Anyone?


  • Artray
    Artray Member Posts: 24
    just found your post...I'm very interested in your situation.
    Have just sent out records to Cyberknife here in SoCal...our Dr's are saying my husband is not a candidate for any further treatment but super-radical surgery due to all the treatment he's already had but I'm holding out hope...
    Hope this goes good for you...