FLEXERIL for 'locked' joints to relax muscle & tendons

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After almost 9 months of limping around due to ankles that were locked solid every morning. Bloodwork confirmed it wasn't rhumatoid arthritis or lupus or Fybramyalga, so I was referred to a Rhumatologist to discuss other possibilities & after hearing me describe when my ankles would be locked tight vs the bone pain, she prescribed Flexeril. 10mg 1/2 hr before bedtime. By day 3 I woke up almost pain free! the minor pain of achy joints I can live with!!! this is my new normal!

Flexeril relaxed the tendons muscles that were tightening up around my ankles to "protect" them. So most of us are complaining about achy joints or pain in the bone, when in fact it could be the muscles tendons that are tightening up around your ankle and knees too.

Most posts I've seen on achy joints suggest taking Aleve 2x/day. my pain was so bad, this didn't help at all.

has anyone else tried Flexeril?


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    I've updated this post to clarify that the ache is in the muscle surrounding your ankle. Flexeril is for relaxing muscles. Once I took Flexeril the achy joint point disappeared!!!