necrotic tissue

has anyone ever heard of necrotic tissue or necrosis caused by radiation 6-9 months after treatment?


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    Kind of sort of ....
    Can I ask why you are asking about this? Reason is is that I am a 24 year survivor and I have developed extremely painfull spots here and there on my body, one of them sent me to the ER. The pain isn't in joints, just in the middle of my outer thigh for instance. You can't even touch it but it hurts badly all on its own. The emergency doctor said he didn't know what it was, took an xray and nothing of course, then when pushed he said it could be fat necrosis. Hmmm that didn't sound good. He didn't elaborate and left the room - fun guy. Sigh. Anywho I went home and looked it up online at the Mayo Clinic site you can try that and see what you think of their definition.

    Have you got painful spots here and there like I do? I posted about them but no one answered and then I saw your post here and thought I would give it a shot to see if your symptoms were anything like mine. The pain eventually goes away but returns whenever it wants, no rhyme or reason.

    I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia so the other idea I had was that it was part of that but something just doesn't seem right about that to me either.

    What do you think? I am a 24 year survivor of NHL and had an autologus bone marrow transplant years ago. I am considered cured long ago but have a ton of aftereffects that keep me down many days.

    Take care.

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    Nectrotic Tissue and radiation

    Hi Tesa,


    I got a heamatoma at the top part of my chest during a stereotactic biopsy. Docs were aiming to shoot it from top

    to bottom and pull a suspicious sample at the bottom. The biopsy failed, so I had to get a lumpectomy on the lower

    portion of my breast. The biopsy was negative, but I still had the haematoma at the top of my chest. A year and 

    a half later and after about 24 zaps of mammogram radiation to that breast, the haematoma that was by now, dead

    tissue was cancerous. To put it bluntly, I didn't have cancer going in, but I had it going out. 


    I've been trying to figure out what happened for years, but the doctors just ignore me. The best thing that I found so far, is 

    that VIRUSES can move into dead tissue and if the immune system is low, cancer can develop and i think the radiation

    moved it forward at a faster pace.