I know it's only a mammogram...but wondering if the bus might be free on Wednesday?



  • JuJuBeez
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    I'm late... I almost missed
    I'm late... I almost missed the bus. it's 1:17 here, so it's 11:17 there. You're probably still in the waiting room reading 3 year old magazines and watching CNN. There's probably at least one lady in the WR with too much perfume on. But if you had enough to drink on the bus, you may not notice.

    Good luck Traci! Thanks for inviting all of us along.
  • cahjah75
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    so sorry I missed the bus! I slept in this morning til 10:30am! I then went to get blood drawn cuz I had to fast. I'm so tired today. I hope your mammo went well. Wish I had been there to support you.
    {{hugs}} Char
  • sunshine0406
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    You ladies are so funny!
    I loved reading all these. I need to check back more often so I don't miss the next bus. Can't wait to hear all about your bus trip!
    Hugs, Laura