celebrating two years NED

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Today I am celebrating my second anniversary of NED. I was diagnosed Nov 3, 2008 at age 49 with Stage II TN3, had surgery on the 16th and Ileo Ostomy takedown in June 2009. Did 2 rounds of Folfox, could not tolerate the oxaliplatin, did 6 rounds of Folfiri, and elected not to do any radiation. My hair is back if full glory with curls galore (I had waves before but now more like Shirley Temple) my energy is back but the memory is still spotty.
I am grateful to have been put in such excellent care by my surgeon and onc doc. I had expectations of being almost giddy today but instead all I want to do is cry! I probably have posted twice and most often just lurk. I can't come on very often because I feel such sadness with the precious ones who have passed on and my emotions still run very close to the surface. Most seem to "have it together" and have so much more to deal with than I did/do and I marvel at your strength and courage and your humor. I am trying to be brave for those who are near the end and I wonder how I will deal with it. I had much laughter (and still do)when I was in the center of the treatment from friends and family and that kept me going along with my faith. I know just one moment at a time and I will get there. So thank you all for posting about your daily struggles, your trimuphs and courages acts. I include you in my prayers. Shanna


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    Congratulations Shanna!
    enjoy a long healthy life!
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    Yippeee Skipeee!!
    Congrats, Shana

    It's nice to see you 'round!

    Continued success as you move forward in your journey - hope to catch you one day:)

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    Great news Shanna! I hope
    Great news Shanna! I hope you celebrate!
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    Hey, Shanna.

    I'll include you in my prayers, as well. Congratulations on your continued NED status!!

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    Keep smiling and taking one day at a time
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    So very happy for you. Congratulations and here's to many more special moments. Joyce
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    I am SO dancing for you!!!
    2 years!!! YEA!!!

    As far as the sad things...I look at it this way...I would rather have met and called these people friends, and then said goodbye, than to never know them....

    In this world, I feel that all we truly have is the human connection...the rest is just fluff...

    HUgs, Kathi
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    Great News
    Congradulations on having two years of being cancer free. I hope and pray that one day I too will have the chance to say I am cancer free but for now I will keep on trucking with my battle of stage 4. God has blessed you with a new lease on life and I hope you grab every moment by the horns and enjoy life to the fullest.... God Bless
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    What wonderful news. Go out and celebrate.

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    Life is great!
    thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I do take so much from you all! I am living life to the fullest and appreciating what I have - Family, good friends and you all.