Anyone with hemagiopericytoma?

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My mom has hemangiopericytoma. She has it in her heart (they think-can't do an MRI to tell for sure). She has two mets in her lungs and a few in her liver. She's tried Gemcitabine & Docetoxal, Doxil and now is starting temador & avastin. I've joined a hemagiopericytoma group on Yahoo groups but am curious if there are others out there.


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    Viet Nam vet & have hemangiopericytoma for abot 4 years. I have been on Votrient for about two & a half years. The side effects are getting to me. The diarrhea is terrible. Had a brain tumor removed, now I have it in my right hip.My doctor told me I am his only patient with this cancer. Hang in their