Got port in

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Well I got my port in on Wednesday Still a little sore but not bad. I get to take the bandage off tonight. A little scare to see what it looks like.


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    I'm glad your port procedure
    I'm glad your port procedure went well. Don't be afraid to look at it. Mom has one and it is a blessing to her as she is definately afraid to be stuck with a needle in the arm. There is really nothing bad to look at.
    Good luck.
    Linda and Ellie
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    your first

    I'm assuming that this is your first port? (I just had mine replaced with a new one after 3 yrs last week). When do you start in on getting your chemo through it?
    A little sore is normal. The part where they cut me open is still covered with steri-strips a week and a half later. I was told to let those come off on their own- usually 2-3 weeks. The main bandage covering it all was off two day after I got it, which is the same for you apparently.

    Take care and best wishes to you with everything-
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    They really don't look bad at all
    Just a little line of a scar. At first it might be a little red and puffy, but that will go away.

    I got my port, and am hooked up to chemo #13 - 1st round of FOLFIRI w/Avastin. My firt 12 rounds were FOLFOX. And I got my short haircut. I've posted mine. Are you going to post your new hairdo? I see you've pulled your original avitar with your long hair.

    You're off to Disney soon aren't you? That will be a nice break before heading into battle!
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    Natalie, I just checked out your pix and they are great. Love the new hair cut and great highlights! I am glad you are doing well with the port.
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    Hi Natalie...
    Hopefully, your port will treat like mine has. I don't even know it's there. I have the worst veins too. They would have slaughtered them with needles.

    You start chemo pretty soon. You're the same stage as I am.

    Oh, BTW... You have a wonderful looking family!!