One Year Later..

magnaroman Member Posts: 3
First of all I want to say I wish I had found this site while going through my treatment. To the day it will have been one year since I had a battle with NHL Large difused B Cell Lymphoma, I have been in remission now for roughly three months. Durring my struggle I had three outbreaks of MRSA,two blood transfusions,and now its all kind of winding down. My Omya Port and my Picc line were both taken out and now I can get back to what I hope is a quiet normal life, whatever my new normal may be.

I keep thinking in the back of my mind that this is going to come back and come back with a vegence, I still have some joint pain and just minor aches and Ii wanted to know is this something that everybody else has gone through who has gone into remission? What were some of the long term post cancer effects that some of you folks have gone through