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I just got my MRI today and it went went better than expected as far as the procedure went . The tech was very friendly and kept me comfortable. I usually start to get panicked at some point but did not experience that this time. It was a very relaxed environment and I felt very peaceful. I was feeling more clear headed last night and took the time to talk to god and read the bible. That helped a lot. I Found a scripture I was reciting before the scan which I hope I get correctly based on my current mental status. " I will lay down my head in peace and sleep, for in thee, oh Lord, my safety dwells. Thanks for all the helpful hints. They diid have the mirror where you could see the tech and that helped but even then I usually start to get nervous because I am broad shouldered and when they first put me in there it it feels like they are stuffing me into a garbage pail or a compactor. This time wasn't bad at all and it didn't feel like 30 minutes. I actually did better with the MRI than I do with pet scans.

I'm sure the 15 mg of Valium they gave me didn't hurt either



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    I'm glad that you had


    I'm glad that you had a good MRI experience and I'm praying for excellent results! Stay strong!

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    I am so glad the MRI went well. I hope the results are excellent!
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    Happy to hear
    Happy to hear that the MRI went easy for you. I'm hoping to hear the results go as well as the procedure did for you!