stageIV kidney cancer without treatment

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I had my right kidney removed in 2002. In 2009 2 spots were found on the lungs and 2 spots in the thyroid. because there were four areas involved surgery was out. sutent was discussed and i have a bottle on hold but was told not to use it yet. now we are just watching it to see how fast it is growing. i am just sitting waiting for the cancer to get worse. this is mentally tiring and i feel every headache, every pain, or any symptom at all is the cancer growing. I see the onocoligist every 6 weeks and every 3 months i have a scan. how can i stop worrying how long i will live. the doctor says to save all our guns (such as the sutent) for the end when we really need it. but i cant help but feel that it would be better to attack it when the cancer is small. does anyone have any experince with this.


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    always options
    Have you heard of Voltrient. My bro in law has stg4 melanoma and his oncologist put him on that after 3 other treatments have failed, but it is known for kidney cancer treatment and some melanomas.
    Also check out the cancertutor website (alternative treatments), there are options for everyone and always cures out there, you just have to research and gain the knowledge and lots of support from family and prayers from all!

    God Bless