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Hi John I know that you have been getting good results with certain herbs you are using and under the care of a TCM doctor. I know you had previously listed all the things that you were taking but I cannot find back that post. I would like to get more information on the tcm doctor and the herbs that you used. I do not know if you are allowed to post that information here but you can feel free to pm me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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    Here's the two threads where the data is posted:

    I took the herbs for six month intervals, and have not taken
    any for the past year. Chinese herbs (or any medicinal herbs)
    are not taken continuously, they are only taken until the problem
    is resolved.

    You -MUST- have a qualified herbalist, or (preferably) a doctor
    of TCM sciences to contact and work with you if you choose
    to self-medicate. Self-medicating is dangerous, and the disease
    it's being used in an attempt to defeat, is a terminal disease.

    The herbs are not typical Holistic or "Natural Foods Shop"
    grade herbs, they are medicinal strength herbs that are as potent
    as any western medicine.

    And as I stated in previous posts, I will not make any claim that
    they are the reason I'm still alive. but if I did Chemo, I would not give
    that the credit either.

    It's written in various western medicine journals, that statistically,
    approximately 25% of cancer victims that do absolutely nothing
    after surgery, remain alive for 3-5 years or more. Statistics like that
    aren't widely talked about, but if you press any oncologist for the
    real facts, they will explain it.

    So am I in that lucky 25% ? Could be... But if I took chemo, wouldn't
    it also be possible that I'd have been in that lucky 25%?

    The advantage of TCM and herbs, is the lack of the dangerous
    side effects. But, as I stated above, they are very, very strong
    herbal medicines, and you can do serious harm by taking the
    wrong ones for your body, as well as taking the "right ones" for
    too long a period of time.

    Having a qualified TCM doctor or herbalist to refer to, is an absolute
    must. If you run into a problem, they can quickly resolve it.

    I did have a minor problem result, with what is known in TCM as
    a "Kidney Yin Deficiency" as a direct result of taking one herb
    in too large a dosage. My TCM doc quickly resolved the problem
    with one batch (one day) of his herbal prescription.

    So....... and I can't say this enough..... DO NOT self medicate
    without supervision of a qualified TCM doctor, or a qualified
    herbalist. This stuff is nothing to fool with; not herbs, not cancer.

    I'm still here after a stage 3c/4 diagnosis, and a real bad prognosis,
    and after having a colon tumor the size of a fist removed.

    It took so long (6 mo) for my surgical wound to heal after my
    month+ long hospital stay, that they said the chances of chemo
    providing that much help, was slim at best.

    I turned to Chinese herbs, and consequently never suffered
    the ill effects that so many here have, of chemo and radiation.

    If, for any reason, I find that the herbs are not helping, or that
    I have signs of cancer in a critical area, I may or may not choose
    to go to western medicine.

    As much as I am reluctant to go back to western medicine for
    -any- reason, one has to keep all options open.

    TCM is a very, very viable option to western medicine. It continues
    to be practiced in China and other countries, side-by-side with
    western medicine. And as a thousands of years old science,
    it is nothing to be cast aside easily. The results are good, if not
    better than western medicine, and does not have that long list
    of side effects we read at the end of every commercial.

    Good health !!